Sunday, May 15, 2016

What I'm doing (Not the Fractal Post)

So what am I doing? Learning JavaScript, I thought I was clear on that. Oh, more detail. I'm not completely sure, I thought I was clear on that. I have at least one JavaScript book, particularly Thinking in JavaScript by Aravind Shenoy. I have access to Pluralsight. There are lots of sites online that have stuff.

The big idea is to create a website and iterate though several versions of the same basic program. The first a quick and dirty make it work. Then see if I can implement changes to ensure that blocking doesn't occur. Then maybe try and offload the calculations on the server. (Fractals, post coming, hint it's a lot of calculations).

In the end I expect to host it on the web so others can point and laugh. There are a number of things I have to figure out.

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