Sunday, February 22, 2009

Busy Week

This last week was a busy week. My wife didn't come home from work until really late several nights. I am so proud of my wife. She took over these classes in the middle of the semester and had to hit the ground running. She has done very well. She has created great relationships with her students and is loving every day.

Oh, the audition I mentioned in my last post... I did not get the part, probably because I did not go to the audition. However, I did run across a posting for an audition for a Regent student film, and auditioned for that on Friday. No word yet. But still, I think it was the shot in the arm I needed right now, even if I don't get the part. In fact I just recently found and joined a group on Facebook called Regent Casting, which hopefully will have many more such listings.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I'm Conflicted

I don't know what to do. This weekend I got notification that one of the local theaters is having an audition tomorrow. The name of the play is "What's Wrong With This Picture?" I am not sure if being in a play would be too much of a hassle right at the moment. Work is pretty stable, that shouldn't be a problem. My wife is struggling with her work, so that might be.
On the other hand, the play has a small cast and the only part I would be likely to be considered for is the main role. This means that there would be a lot of competition, and I most likely wouldn't get the role, but also, if I did, I would probably have to invest a lot of time.
This particular audition has one other thing to consider. This is for the Generic Theater, which means it would be a paid gig. (Not paid like a professional gig, but I would get a paycheck.) I haven't done any acting since this summer due to my work schedule.
So, all in all, I am conflicted. I think, most likely, I will skip it, but I don't know.
Maybe I should talk it over with my wife. Now, there's a thought.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Make A Promise and Look What Happens

Hadn't had the combination of time and inspiration to post a blog lately. Decided to check when my last post was today. What do you know, it was six days ago.
Work has been a little weird. We are so far ahead of where we were last year that it almost feels like we are waiting for it to all come crashing down around our heads, but so far it has not.
Just finished reading "Case for a Creator" by Lee Strobel. I recommend it for anyone who thinks evolution is true, but is willing to look at the evidence with an open mind.

Monday, February 2, 2009

So, I Like To Help

I found a new site recently. It's called It is a place for coders to get and give help with coding issues. Kind of a social networking site for coders.

So, I joined.

Most of the questions I have helped with are obviously students with homework issues. That's all right though. I am not doing their homework, and I like to help.