Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Climate Change

The cold wind sliced through every layer that Charles had on, and he had on a lot. Charles looked over his shoulder in irritation.
"Damn it, Harvey! Couldn't you at least give me a warning?" Charles shouted angrily.
"You mean walking out that door two minutes ago wasn't enough, Chuck!?! At least you didn't have to go out in that shit!" Harvey shouted back.
"I'm sorry." Charles tried not to shout. "Our replacements should be here in a week or two, weather permitting. Can you believe people wanted to come here at one time?" Charles was trying to change the subject.
"The world was much different then. Before man made climate change," Harvey replied with a tired, depressed sigh.
"Well, the scientists are still insisting it was man made, this time. And that they can fix it, again," Charles responded, irritated again. He never could pick new subjects well. "Until then we have a job to do."
As if on cue a chime rang. Charles looked at Harvey, and Harvey nodded.
When the chime sounded again Charles spoke into a microphone, "Noon status report. All machinery and instruments functioning. Current temperature -19°C. Rio de Janeiro base out."

Friday, January 20, 2012

New Old Changed Same Focus

I am who I am. I feel bad that I haven't used this blog more. Lately, I've been thinking about trying some new things, again.

Tried my hand at writing when I was younger. Some things have recently conspired to make me think I might try it again.

I know, I'm crazy.