Sunday, May 22, 2016

Weekend Update

I want to clarify, my personal goal is to post something at least every weekend with what I have done that week. However, I expect some weekends I won't be able to work, so I am asking you to keep me accountable for every other week.

As for what I have done. I have created a webpage. Not a website, still thinking about that.

If you want to see it I have decided to host my code on GitHub. My First Website.

It's not pretty and it doesn't do anything but display some text, but enjoy.

As far as hosting goes, I am beginning to look for something. I have heard of SquareSpace, and Hover. Also, I have seen ads for Google. Please leave a comment with your favorite host, especially if they are friendly to code.

I hope to get that fractal post out this week.

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