Monday, May 30, 2016

JavaScript In My Learning Project

I have created a webpage with JavaScript on it!!!

Let me just say, I have learned a lot this week (read, so many mistakes, so many).

As I have stated previously, I have decided to use GitHub as a repository for my code. I am a big believer in versioning, and this also allows any who want to view what I have written. This means I have a profile page at WyerByter.

Then I found another advantage. GitHub has what are known as GitHub pages. The idea is that an individual, organization or project can have a webpage with information about themselves. So, I have set that up. My User page is With my learning website underneath at There you will find a link to my first page with JavaScript. Added. The page with the Javascript is doing basic math with complex numbers. I promise I will post something explaining complex numbers, they aren't as complex as you think. I will get to the fractal post as well, but I will do the complex numbers first as most fractals are done with complex numbers.

What did I learn? Well, a lot of git. I already knew that creating repositories was easy (that's so last week), but I found out that creating branches is just as easy. Committing code is also easy, just do yourself a favor and write commit comments that mean something (not something I learned this week, but a good rule of thumb). Pull requests are even easy to create, though not necessarily easy to complete. I realize that a lot of this may not make sense if you do not know anything about version control, so I have already posted a list of definitions

I also learned some interesting things about JavaScript. I put the code for this page within the html for the page, this means a loss of most of the intellisense that Visual Studio Code was giving me for .js files. Either that or I still have some to learn on setting up the environments for Visual Studio Code.

I learned that I can do Git commits directly from the Code application, which is convenient.

I also learned that if you specify the type of the script in the script tag, make sure you have it right, and "javascript" is not the same as "text\javascript" which is correct.

Also, spelling is important. Very important.

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