Saturday, July 30, 2016

International Nodebots Day

Yesterday the local JavaScript user group had an International Nodebots Day event. I took my daughter. It was a lot of fun, I highly recommend doing that kind of thing with your kids.

My kid also gave me a conundrum this week. She had an idea for an app, that she was wanting me to make. I haven't programmed for Android, and I haven't programmed Java in a long time. So, I may be learning that too, or make a decision between that and this. So....

As for what I have done this week. Nothing, but I have gotten my tablet up and running again. So, I'm hopeful that it will continue to cooperate.

What I've Learned

What do you need to write programs? If it is a complied language you need a compiler. If it is an interpreted language you need an interpreter. Also, you need something to write the code in, like Notepad.

This is an advantage for Javascript as the interepreter is built in to most browsers and all of the major ones.

However, I would recomend and IDE if you are intending to code. An IDE, or Integrated Development Environment, tend to have certain functionality that is helpful for programming.

Of particular use is syntax highlighting and autocomplete. Syntax highlighting changes how the text is displayed. Keywords, variables, strings all show up in different colors, fonts, etc. This makes it easier to understand what is happening in the code. Autocomplete offers suggested words based on the meters typed so far, the words coming from the context of the code and keywords. This helps with spelling of variable names, for instance. In an interpreted language, such a misspelling would break the program and be difficult to find.

I'm not sure if this installment was as helpful as I would hope.

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