Thursday, January 8, 2009

What This Blog Is About

Short answer, I don't know.

I have the grand delusions about what a blog by me could be. But, I have to be realistic. I mean, a blog isn't popular because the author says it is, it is popular because enough people say it is. Right now I have a grand total readership of one, and that's only because I tell my wife to go read it. Or, at least that's what I did with the first one.

I would like, when I get a chance, to pontificate on subjects of science and philosophy. That, however, is a discussion for another day.

Now is a time for work, and a lot of it. I work as a software developer for a tax preparation company, doing programming for state returns. I have one week to complete most of my work for the year. As a note to those who might say, "But this is just the eighth day of the year. That must be pretty slack." In the tax industry the year begins in May.

I will try and post on a regular basis, at least after April 15th. :)

I am going to try and get some posts done in the next couple of weeks, dedicated to advertising some of the links that I hope to soon have up on the side of my page.

I hope that I am able to entertain the people that do happen to read this.

Thank you for reading.

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